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Review Questions for Microeconomic Concepts - 1772 Words

CHAPTER 6 Review Questions: 6-2 What is the term structure of interest rates, and how is it related to the yield curve? Term structure interest rate is a rate which relates the interest rate or rate of return to the time to maturity. The yield curve is a graph of relationship between the debt’s remaining time to maturity and its yield to maturity. Term structure of interest rate can be shown graphically by yield curve. The shape of the yield curve will show the useful ways to future interest rate expectation. 6-3 For a given class of similar-risk securities, what does each of the following yield curves reflect about interest rates: (a) downward-slopping; (b) upward-slopping; and (c) flat? Which form has been historical dominant? For a given class of similar-risk securities, A downward yield curve shows cheaper long-term borrowing lists than the short-term borrowing lists (inverted yield curve). Upward yield curves represent cheaper short-term borrowing lists than the long-term borrowing lists (normal yield curve). The flat one shows similar borrowing costs for both short-term and long-term loans. 6-4 Briefly describe the following theories of general shape of the yield curve: (a) expectation theory; (b) liquidity preference theory; and (c) market segmentation theory. Expectation theory implies that the yield curve reflects investors’ expectation about the future interest rate and inflation. Higher the future inflation rate, higher the long-termShow MoreRelatedReflection on Microeconomics Class998 Words   |  4 PagesReflection on Microeconomics Class Microeconomics is the economic influences that impact at the micro, or firm, rather than macro level. The study of this subject is one that is highly valuable for any studying business with the provision of knowledge that will increase understanding of different influences and support the decision making processes. With the knowledge gained, along with the skills in applying that knowledge developed through class work and exercises for the different modules,Read MoreEconomics : Basic Economic Concepts Essay3027 Words   |  13 PagesKingman Academy of Learning Economics a Social Science Basic Economic Concept Jordan Mcdowell Civics K.David 5 December 2016 . Economics a Social Science Basic Economic Concept Scarcity Supply and Demand Utility Measurement of Economic Performance Gross domestic product (GDP) National Income and Price Determination Stabilization Policies Demand management policy Fiscal policy Monetary Policy Economic Growth Open Economy: International Trade and Finance Read MorePrinciples of Microeconomics Fifth Canadian Edition20085 Words   |  81 PagesLicensed to: iChapters User PRINCIPLES OF MICROECONOMICS: A G U I D E D T O U R PART ONE: INTRODUCTION Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Ten Principles of Economics Thinking Like an Economist Interdependence and the Gains from Trade The study of economics is guided by a few big ideas. Economists view the world as both scientists and policymakers. The theory of comparative advantage explains how people benefit from economic interdependence. PART TWO: SUPPLY AND DEMAND I: HOW MARKETSRead MoreSupply and Demand and Study Guide20292 Words   |  82 PagesECO11 (ver8) MICROECONOMICS 1 STUDY GUIDE ECO11 MICROECONOMICS 1 STUDY GUIDE  © University of South Australia 2009 This work was printed from camera-ready copy submitted by the Unit Coordinator. The Flexible Learning Centre of the University of South Australia was not involved in its production. CONTENTS Contents 3 Introduction 5 An introduction to the economic perspective 13 Demand and supply 17 ElasticityRead MoreSustainable Competitive Advantage Through Core Competencies in a Resource Based Approach1633 Words   |  7 PagesQuestion: The ability of some firms to sustain longer term competitive advantage relates to their capabilities according to the resource based theory of the firm. Summarise this approach to explain why some firms perform better than others in an industry. Sustainable Competitive Advantage Within all economies there have always been firms that are destined for success and firms that are doomed to failure... or have there? Is this an inevitable outcome predestined by exterior market forcesRead MoreMicroeconomics/Macroeconomics Chapter 1 Questions and Answers5717 Words   |  23 PagesFINANCIAL SECTION OF THE NEWSPAPER, BUT ALSO IS VERY MUCH A PART OF THEIR EVERYDAY LIVES. BEGINNING WITH THE ECONOMIC PROBLEM OF SCARCE RESOURCES BUT UNLIMITED WANTS, THIS CHAPTER PROVIDES AN OVERVIEW OF THE FIELD AND THE ANALYTICAL TECHNIQUES USED. CONCEPTS INTRODUCED INCLUDE: RESOURCES, GOODS AND SERVICES, THE ECONOMIC ACTORS IN THE ECONOMY, AND MARGINAL ANALYSIS. TWO MODELS FOR ANALYSIS, THE CIRCULAR FLOW MODEL AND STEPS OF THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD, ARE INTRODUCED. THE APPENDIX INTRODUCES THE USE OFRead MoreAns1A Essay1015 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Microeconomics: Week 1 Review Questions 1) Suppose that the wages of young high school graduates fell. In what sense has the true â€Å"cost† of a college education been changed by this development. Other things equal, if wages of young high school graduates decline, the potential alternative use of time spent studying in higher education†¦namely, working with only a high school education†¦has relatively less value. Therefore, the opportunity cost of student study time measured in foregone wages isRead MoreThe Concept Of National Competitiveness1492 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction The concept of national competitiveness has become a key issue to managers of firms and understanding it has important ramification for policy makers as well. While most agree on the idea of competitive firms, the notion of competitive nations is vague at best. Even with all the debate, discussion, and research there is still no pervasive theory. In fact, there is not even an accepted definition. Classical economic theorists dismiss the concept of competitiveness all together andRead MoreThis literature review aims to review the debate as to whether military expenditure has a positive1500 Words   |  6 PagesThis literature review aims to review the debate as to whether military expenditure has a positive or negative impact on economic growth in Israel, in order that gaps in the literature can be identified with a view to identifying a research question for this dissertation. This literature review will accordingly examine the main schools of thought in regard to the impact on economic growth. The connection between military expenditure and economic growth has been analyzed from several perspectivesRead Moreintermediate accounting 2 test bank Essay8318 Words   |  34 Pagesmeans there’s a very high chance that you will see a very similar, if not exact the exact, question in the test! - The file is either in .doc, .pdf, excel, or zipped in the package and can easily be read on PCs and Macs. - Delivery is INSTANT. You can download the files IMMEDIATELY once payment is done. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Our response is the fastest. All questions will always be answered in 6 hours. This is the quality of service we are providing and we

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